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Great service and very responsive

March 2, 2023

Great service and very responsive. He would communicate any open availability and also be flexible to mine. Would definitely recommend.

We were having extremely high water pressure, and Ted came out, diagnosed the problem, and had it fixed in a couple of hours.

Robbie B.

Absolutely recommend Ted!

November 8, 2022

I’ve had a number of issues occur over the last couple months (broken water pressure regulator, toilet issues, and backed up sink). Ted has been super helpful and he’s a genuinely nice guy. I have zero regrets choosing him over any of the big names. He gives a more personal touch at a super reasonable cost. When my toilet hose cap sheered and nearly flooded my bathroom, he came out to my house at 5:00 am and only took about 10 minutes to get here. He took me to Home Depot, explained what the issues are that I’m dealing with, and didn’t mind my questions. Absolutely recommend Ted!

Chris J.

Ted is the guy you want

August 17, 2022

Ted is a seasoned license plumber who will give it to you straight. I’ve had him over to look at a couple of issues with a house I just moved into. I tried Bonney Plumbing first but they just sent a kid who misdiagnosed an issue and gave me an extremely inflated quote. Bonney isn’t welcome back here anymore. Ted is the guy you want. He has an assessment fee but trust me it’s worth the knowledge and experience he brings.

Andrew Dumm

So grateful to be suggested Ted's Plumbing

May 10, 2022

Look no further when plumbing problems occur…and they do! Early this morning kitchen sink drain pipe became disconnected and water everywhere. I rely on neighbor recommendations. So grateful to be suggested Ted’s Plumbing. I immediately made a call and without one bit of hesitation on Ted’s response to me / he said the magic words : “I will see you later today”. True to his word he came as promised and speedily repaired my problem. There are so many plumbers listed on Yelp thereby giving us many choices. I on the other hand will no longer seek anyone other than Ted’s Plumbing . Highly recommended company with a delightful Ted to deal with.

Thank you “neighbor” for giving me his phone number !

Vivian M.

Ted spotted the problem immediately and was pleasant and professional

February 8, 2022

Had a major leak happen all of a sudden under our kitchen sink. Called Ted and he answered the phone right away and responded by coming within half an hour. Fixed the problem easily. Problem had been caused by an appliance repairman who had not properly disconnected and reconnected tubing for broken dishwasher which had been removed. Ted spotted the problem immediately and was pleasant and professional. Totally recommend him.

Phyllis M.